Improv in Toronto

I came across this group when a friend of mine shared a video of theirs on facebook. And after watching their video I became an instant fan of this group; their concept, activities and ideas shook my insides and forced me to appreciate their tremendous efforts in entertaining people so selflessly in this mean and busy world. I thought of posting about them so that more people could know about their existence and it is such a perfect time to tell you about them in the month of April, as the 1st of April itself  is widely celebrated as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other.


When the person stopped and asked for a song they were asked for their name which was passed on in secret to everyone else. The person was then surprised when, after a few verses, the whole group slowly joined in and played the song.

“Improv in Toronto” is a Toronto City-based prank collective that causes scenes of joy in public places. It is a freenon-profit, public, urban, event-running  group which thrives to make up peoples’ day and give them immense happiness and a cherishable memory for the rest of their life by pulling pranks on them that are wildly random and out of the ordinary.

While entertaining people, they try to ignite an aura of positiveness in the person and through many of their concepts they also spread awareness imbued in with joy, love, happiness and awesomeness.

They plan various missions which are guaranteed packages of  producing smile or laughter out of thin air, their missions are a source of entertainment for participants, bystanders, and people on the worldwideweb. They enjoy themselves by bringing excitement to everyday places and give strangers a story they can tell to others.

While staging organized stunts in public places is obviously completely different from improv comedy in a theatre, the two activities do share similar techniques. They stay in character at all costs and usually have no script beyond the mission’s idea. They have no clue how people are going to react to them, and that is where the improvisation comes in.

A protest, protesting the act of protesting. Improv in Toronto ran this fake protest just after April Fools Day, with intent to fool and confuse those who witnessed it!

Do Check their website:

Lastly, I wish we could do something like this in India too.. 🙂  😉

Thank you all for your patience to read this post! 🙂

Stay Tuned  for more!

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