Top Ten April Fools Jokes Online

I am posting it now, before I forget it and after some years I could look up at this post and laugh! 😛

After scouring cyberspace for the funniest April Fools Jokes, here is the list of  top ten favourite pranks that have hit the Internet, from ‘thatsnonsense(dot)com’

Number 10
Joke: Translate for Animals Application
Company: Google UK
Year: 2010

Search engine giant Google have a prolific history of playing Aprils Fools Jokes, and 2010 was no exception, with the announcement of their new application that translates the noises of many animals into English. Its simple you see – all you need to do is record the animal noise which is then transmitted from your phone to the Google servers which then analyse the “neural biological acoustics” of the sound and compares it to the “millions of sounds in their animal linguistic database” to produce the correct human translation. Its so simple even a numpty could do it!

And do it they certianly did, but of course it wasn’t real, yet it still fooled many who spent hours fruitlessly holding their phones up to their disinclined pets in the hope of finally knowing what was on their minds. Whilst the application did exist and was fully downloadable, after recording the animal sound the application would then just return a completely random “translation”. Good one, Google.

Number 9
Joke: Your IP has been recorded
Year: 2010 

Joke site played an amusing joke on its own visitors in 2010. Instead of the usual homepage, visitors were presented with a warning from the “US Department of Information” when visiting the site. The warning claimed that the visitors IP address had been recorded because the site was currently under investigation for “harboring un-American sentiment” and threatened the vistitor with the possbility of being subpeoned because of their interest in the site.

The fact that the “US Department of Information” does not even exist went overlooked by thousands of worried Internet users. D’oh.

Number 8
Joke: Project Dawnstar
Year: 2009 

Ever wanted to go to Mars? You could, according to this 2009 April Fools prank orchestrated by who launched microsites asserting that flights to Mars would begin in the near future. Included on the sites were details about actual hotels on the red planet (!!), and even let the user pick their leaving point and spacecraft type. The prank got most coverage on social networking sites and thousands of users went through the booking wizard to book their flights to Mars, but alas, shortly thereafter announced the whole thing as a rather obvious April Fools prank.

Trips to Pluto will begin shortly though 😉

Number 7
Joke: CADIE and 3D Chrome
Company: Google 
Year: 2009 

Its Google again, this time with their latest “project” CADIE, which stands for “Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity”. That sounds so fancy is mush be real, right? Google claimed CADIE was an artificial intelligence being who now worked for Google. CADIE would make the Internet a faster place by “improving the speed and accuracy of memory retrieval” and eliminate “tip of the tongue syndrome” and other ridiculous sounding problems. Also included was the claim that she powered a 3D web browser, for the ultimate three dimensional online experience. Don’t have your own red/blue 3D glasses? Its okay, Google provide a printable version! Equipped with her own site decorated with pandas and rainbows, CADIE enjoyed modest popularity until she was “outed” by Google as pure fiction.

Time to throw those printable “3D glasses” in the bin then, we guess.

Number 6
Joke: Ben&Jerrys Virtual Ice Cream
Company: Ben & Jerrys 
Year: 2010 

Sometimes the trip to the local supermarket can be such a long haul if you’re only looking for a quick taste of your favorite Ben & Jerrys ice cream flavor. Don’t worry though – the ice cream conglomerate have developed a much more quicker way of getting that ice-cream fix – by setting up a special webpage that actually uses the latest in virtual technology to duplicate a taste on your very own LCD monitor!

How many people actually ended up licking their LCD screens in the hope of tasting ice cream we simply don’t want to know, but if you were one of them, it’s time to enrol on that Common-Sense 101 class you’ve been putting off lately.

Number 5
Joke: Google’s MentalPlex
Company: Google 
Year: 2000 

Back to Google for the third time with one of their first April Fools jokes back in 2000, the Google MentalPlex. The MentalPlex claimed to read the mind of its users thus eliminating the need of actually typing in a search query. Once the users clicked on the MentalPlex circle they were led to an error message telling them that there was a “multiple stream error” and the user should silence the other voices inside their heads. Equipped with its own FAQ page, this prank was well designed and thought out by Google, though we’re not sure how many people would admit to falling for this one.

Number 4
Joke: Protection by Distraction
Company: Sophos
Year: 2010 

Keeping your computer secure from hackers is obviously a high priority on most online users minds, and security company Sophos released their creative and resourceful solution in 2010 with “Protection by Distraction” where Sophos would sidetrack potential hackers who have penetrated a computer system with distracting files. After extensive research, Sophos announced that the most effective type of file to distract hackers is … trashy erotica. That’s right folks, the way to keep your credit card information secure is to plant trashy literature in your computer to sidetrack the hackers. Sophos even allowed its users to suggest or write certain material which they can then submit to them. Recommended keywords included “backdoor”, “leakage prevention”, “deep packet inspection” and “slot”.

Okay, you guessed it. The “Protection by Distraction” method was just a joke created by the brilliant minds at Sophos. Back to more orthodox methods then, we guess.

Number 3
Joke: Bieber or Die
Year: 2010 

This one goes on the list because of the complete commitment the humour site gave to the prank by fully redesigning their website in an attempt to dupe members into thinking it had been bought out by pint sized pop singer Justin Bieber, even renaming the site The site was supposedly now owned by the singer who had complete control over the site content. Scary we know. Luckily for the site members, and indeed the whole Internet community in general, the site was actually not bought out by Justin, rather a frankly disturbing prank. 

Collective sigh of relief …. there we go.

Number 2
Joke: Google is now Topeka
Company: Google
Year: 2010 

Okay, one more trip to the Google offices. Did anyone here about the mayor of Topeka in Kansas announcing to the world he was now changing the name of his town to Google, Kansas? Well in a return gesture, April 1st 2010 was the date that Google announced it was going to change its own name to Topeka. They updated the site title and even made signposts to their offices to reflect the change. Unfortunately for the town formerly known as Topeka, the change was brief before Google admitted the prank and returned to good old Google.

Number 1
Joke: Plenta & Micra Cup Sizes
Company: Starbucks
Year: 2010 

When it comes to duping thousands, this Starbucks prank really did the trick. In 2010 the coffee chain announced the arrival of two new sizes, the Plenta and Micra sizes. The Plenta being a whopping 128 fl oz and the Micra being a nominal 2 fl oz. The prank was equipped with its own web page full of amusing photos showing the two comical size of cups. To add to the audacity of the hoax, Starbucks announced that due to the size of the Plenta cup, customers should not dispose of this colossal cardboard container, rather use its size for various other tasks including popcorn receptacle, rain hat or yoga block.


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