Summer Incense with Kyra

In the hot burning afternoon of  23rd May, 2012, an unkempt black haired, tall and carelessly handsome teen was enjoying his prep siesta on his study table after having a delightful lunch of rice, dal, aloo bhaja, dahi, salad and ghuguni(chickpea) curry having no strain on his mind while he dozed off pressing his chin on the second page of the Systems Programming book written by yet another MIT Professor ‘John J. Donovan’ to torment the Engineering students. He shifted his head to a more comfortable position and knocking off the pen-holder in the process still lost in his reverie that his end semester examination which is to be held after exactly twenty days gets cancelled due to the “timely” death of the “wicked old Dean” of his college.

Several more minutes passed as he continued musing in his sleep, cursing his Dean and the management when suddenly the mobile phone kept on the table ranged the tune “Inis Mona” by Eluveitie .

I reluctantly picked up the phone and without checking the number I murmured dreamily “I haven’t read anything till now” convinced that the call was from one of my “worried about if I have studied more than them” college mates. But to my utter surprise a girl with a sugar-coated voice replied from the other end of the line…

“Hello Abhishek!’

I was wide awake now.I said “Yes, sorry but may I know whom am I talking to?”

“Take a guess” she answered

It seemed like my brain was ready with that guess. “Is that you Kyra?” I asked

“Yeah, it’s me! How are you doing?” she said cheerfully

“I am great and what about you, you’re calling after such a long time.”

“I’m good too, yeah its really been a long time since we last spoke to each other…but hey guess what? I’ll be visiting Puri with some of my friends for a day, why don’t you join us?” she said

“That’s great news, I would be glad to join you” I answered, feeling excited forgetting about my exams and to hell with it, anyway I desperately needed a little summer break to get rid of the dull thoughts about those brutal exams, and a day at the Puri Beach with Kyra and her friends would be fun and refreshimg and won’t do much harm.

“Okay, so see you there on Friday” she said jovially

“Sounds good to me! So see you on Friday” I said excited and I hung up the phone.

I was really happy and I couldn’t wait to meet Kyra after such a long time, we went to the same school and after that she moved out of Orissa with her parents. The thought of meeting an old friend was thrilling.

Puri is a city situated on the Bay of Bengal 76 kilometres south of the city Cuttack, where I live, in the Indian state of Orissa. Puri is one of the fascinating littoral district of Orissa. Puri has a very long, broad sand beach and it would be a great escape from the hot and languid atmosphere of Cuttack. 

I was in my best outfit that day. I left for the Puri Railway Station, enjoying the cool breeze blowing over the Marine Drive, to welcome Kyra and her friends. Kyra had grown to look even more beautiful and stunning. I couldn’t stop staring at her. She smiled at me and said “You are looking good Abhi”

“Oh I’m flattered, you’re looking beautiful” I replied smiling, a little red in the face. She introduced me to her friends who all were very friendly and mixing and we struck up an instant friendship. After that we checked in at the hotel Mayfair and after dropping our luggage in the room we went to the cafe for a bite. We all chatted lively as we munched down our cheese burger and apple steak and sipped through our glasses filled with mango juice. After that we went to the Beach to enjoy the sun. There was a volleyball competition going on the Beach, Kyra and I were very good at volleyball since schooldays so we participated in the competition and we emerged victorious. We got a Lakme Sun Expert Pack for winning which I handed to Kyra and her friends obviously and Kyra’s friends were quite impressed with our performance in volleyball together. School memories refreshed for the both of us. 

We went back to the Hotel to get freshen up and had Puri’s most famous cuisine prawn masala, fried rice with chilli fry, pudding and blackberry cake in lunch and then we set out exploring the beautiful city of Puri, starting with the world famous Jagannath Temple of Puri. This temple is an important pilgrimage destination for many Hindu traditions, particularly worshippers of Krishna and Vishnu. We roamed around the temple admiring its sculptural richness and fluidity of the Oriya style of temple architecture, it is one of the most magnificent monuments of India. We then went to Anna Purna Theatre, situated at the grand road Puri, which is a pioneer institution in the field of theatrical performances and enjoyed a wonderful performance based on a event from Mahabharata. Then our journey led us to the District Museum which preserves and protects the rich cultural heritage of the city.  We were awestruck by seeing the huge collection of the Museum, Different veshas of Lord Jagannath, Sculptures of various Kinds, Patta paintings palm leaf paintings, Handicrafts of numerous varieties are displayed in this museum. We were all amazed by the rich diversity, cultural heritage and scenic beauty of the city. After enjoying a sumptuous dinner we went to the Beach again and made a bonfire. Our cozy fire it was so nice and illuminating, grilling marshmellows, cool sea breeze whipping our hair in the air, listening to the waves, sharing stories and tales and watching the stars just like in one of the movies. I couldn’t help noticing that me and Kyra were frequently glancing at each other and when our eyes met we looked away smiling nervously. My heart quivered and it was the strangest and weirdest of the feeling. I never had this feeling before and I was sure she was experiencing and thinking the same.

In the morning I went to the railway station to see them off. As all the Kyra’s friend thanked me and we shook hands and we promised to stay in touch with each other. Kyra stood waiting for me a little away and as I went to her she smiled at me and we both looked at each other in silence. Many unsaid things passed between us. Then the train sounded its siren. I held her hand and in that moment she kissed me on my cheeks leaving it red as a tomato. The train started moving out of the station as I waved them all goodbye standing on the platform looking in the direction where the train now dissappeared. It was the most awesome day of my life which neither I nor Kyra would ever forget! I was just starting to gather myself together and move out of the station when I found the ground shaking “Earthquake?” I thought stupidly…

And then my whole body began shaking…and I came to my senses and popping my eyes open I saw my mum shaking me to wake me up and shouting at me “Don’t you have your exams after twenty days? Stop dozing off and concentrate on studies!!” 

“Wh-hat? yeah yeah sorry I dozed off” I said coaxingly, rubbing my eyes and resuming pondering over the second page of  the book Systems Programming…laughing at my wild fascination now..! 😀

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