Wild and murky night

Wild and murky night

The long and winding road

Am walking alone


In search for shelter

Dark woods running on each side

Rustle of the leaves


Whisper of the winds

Silhouette of my shadow

Gliding by my side


At times growing small

And sometimes larger than life

Silent companion


I tried grasping it

Shifting due to moon’s light

It imitates me


An owl hoots somewhere

A glint of green in the dark

Oh it’s just a cat


With an evil smile

Knowing well about my fear

She circles around


Protruding those eyes

Until i shoo’ed her away

And she disappeared


A flash of lightning

The moon swirls behind the smoke

The roar of thunder


The spell of silence

hatched; an eerie midnight howl

Gave me the willies


Suddenly I hear

Distant sound of an engine

The car reaches me


Churning in a snow

drift; it stalls, headlights burning

The glass window slides down


A girl palely beautiful

Her hair as dark as the night

Her lips red as blood


“Need a ride?” she asks

A strange charisma lured me

I hopped in the seat


She grinned wryly at

me; I saw her pointed teeth

Oh god! a vampire



Linking with: Carry On Tuesday # 157


Prompt: The long and winding road


^All the paras are in 5-7-5 format 🙂

^This Haiku is sort of a short tale 😛

^ Song of the day: “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Iron Maiden

^This maybe my last post for now, have my end semester exams around the corner see you all later! 🙂

^Till then stay tuned and Chaos! 😉




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