The Independence Day

Independence Day of India is celebrated on Fifteenth of August to commemorate its Independence from British rule and its birth as a sovereign nation in 1947. The day is a gazetted national holiday in India. This year India will celebrate its 66th Independence Day. The day dawns with 21 guns salute in the federal capital while the Prime Minister of India hoists the Indian National flag at the Red Fort, followed by a nationally broadcast speech from its ramparts. The Prime Minister also pays his tribute to leaders of the freedom struggle. Similar events take place in state capitals where the Chief Ministers of individual states unfurl the national flag, and parades and pageants follow. Schools and colleges around the country organize various cultural events within their premises, where younger children impersonate their favorite characters of the Independence era. The day is observed all over India with flag-hoisting ceremonies, parades and cultural events. Citizens’ hearts are unified and their spirits infused as they stand in respect while singing together the National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana”. Indians rejoice the day by displaying the national flag on their attire, household accessories, vehicles;  varied activities such as kite flying, bonding with family and friends, and enjoying patriotic songs and films are seen.

India has turned 65 but I am a little younger and I can cherish the title of “The young guns of India”. As year by year India ages and wrinkles it imbibes more and more glorious memories and moments and achievements and impregnates one more chapter and creates history. I feel more home adorned year by year as I swell with pride knowing that I belong to India, a country of unprecedented cultural heritage and unparalleled resilience, strength and creativity of the people of India. From the freedom movement led by Mahatma Gandhi to independence in 1947 through today, India continues to stand as a beacon for the world of the power of nonviolence and the promise of democracy.

Like all Indians, I am proud of Independence Day. Every year when it comes around, I feel a different kind of energy and ardor whistled into me by the winds that waft the Indian Tri-color all across the nation. I search for a reason to celebrate and as I sing the National Anthem, the beats of the song are the beats of my heart and it becomes the heartbeats of all the people together in a rousing cadence that brings us together as people of one nation, as people of one country, as people of India. I can’t help smiling when I remember myself as a small kid fascinating about joining the Indian Army and serving the country and as I grew up and I realized that serving the country does not only incline towards joining the army, it can be done by any and many means, any profession, and we all cannot join the army, can we? But the primary goal must be to become a good Indian citizen first which is very simple to hear and seems extremely easy to do, but is that so simple and easy a task?

The answer we all are very acquainted of is ‘Negative’. Why is it so? Just because, well, most of us have nightmares and series of attacks of slothfulness if we exert our body and mind in showing respect towards our Mother land. We are all consumed with the sense of ‘why-should-I-do-it’ or ‘let-others-do-it-first’ shit! We think we will over-exert our body and strain ourselves if we just bent a little extra and put a ‘unanimous’ wrapper into the dustbin that we just carelessly threw on the sidewalk that we were walking on and yet we never fail to mention an account that we’re fully swelling puffed up good Indian citizens, and that is what we contribute towards making India a clean and a green country. And further if we delve into bigger matters of being a good Indian citizen and towards polished and shiny medals of loyalty, honor and respect each Indian knows the degree of junk and abrasion that has now engulfed each of those medals that once were the pride of every Indian. Today, corruption is at its peak in India, the rich are becoming the richest and the poor people are becoming poorest. Corruption has crumbled and battered our economy. We have complained for years that corruption is hurting India. But every year the scams increase; so does the amount of money stolen. Politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen, even police officers caught committing the most awful crimes get away with them because they are the bosses here, they have the government jobs, and government jobs in India equals power. And how these government people have shown so much love and loyalty towards each other, if one steals a portion of money from the country’s per capita income, or even if one murders someone; they can hide it all because they know how to beat the system, they are the system.

I recount of an incident just a few months back, I was returning on my scooter from the railway station at night and in midway my helmet’s button lock opened and it slid from my head onto the road. When I stopped and picked it up I saw that it had cracked and broken. So I kept the helmet under the scooter’s seat and moved on without a helmet towards my home but in between the road I was stopped by some police officers who asked me for money as penalty because I wasn’t wearing a helmet. When I tried explaining them about my helmet which had just got damaged or even showing them the broken helmet didn’t help. They weren’t interested in hearing anything except rubbing their hands on some currency. When I tried to debate with them the situation one of the senior officers who were well drunk began shouting at me saying ‘How dare you talk back? Pay the money else we will lock you up’ and I didn’t even had a cell phone to call anyone up in that situation and my home was farther away inside the city so I had to forcefully submit to the situation and pay the fine. The feeling of revulsion and anger that surged through me helped me obtain a good picture about today’s so-called “public servants”. A police officer is the biggest criminal in India today plus they have their uniforms to openly conceal their crimes.

The people nowadays are elected and selected for jobs not by swearing their allegiance to the nation but by agreeing to be a cur for those who are in power, those who are the rulers or those who are the system. Yet, India is one great nation which continues to survive, comprising of all these meager people and hopefully a few good citizens and it continues to embark upon its new ventures that lay hidden and unexcavated ahead on its path to glory. India stands because you and I and many more deny giving up the hope that still burns within us, a longing that still kindles in our eyes, a rage that still breathes fire in our souls to see a ‘Purely Independent India’ and which urges and calls for us to be good citizens, good Indians.



^Song of the day: “Maa Tujhe Salaam” by A.R. Rahman

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^Thank you, see you next time! 🙂

^Jai Hind!


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