Marriages in India: Love or Arranged?

A debate between the choices of the type of marriage in India could seemingly never halt. Most people argue over finding the most appropriate way to select their partner. While some prefer an arranged setup, some like to take things in their own hands. Here’s a look at the more preferred ways of betrothal. Here are both the sweet and sour points for the arranged and love marriage, have a look and decide for yourselves which one would you opt for? πŸ˜›

Love Marriage

Sweet vibes

The lovers know each other too well and are comfortable with each other. They are aware of each and every thing about each other and know the likes and dislikes of their partners.

The couples understand each other and love each other.

Religion or culture or caste, these terms hold no significance in love marriage and there are no hindrances towards these attributes.

Checking of the money value and status is not so much checked in love marriage.

There is no involvement of giving or accepting dowry in love marriages, and both taking and giving dowry is a crime and punishable by law.

Sour jibes

When problems arise in love marriages then generally the couples are left alone to deal with them and thus they don’t get the support of their parents or families which is at that time much required. They don’t get any moral or financial or advice or any help in these matters and generally they end up breaking up the marriage or increasing the differences between them.

Most of the love marriages don’t get approved by the families and the couples end up marrying in a mandir or ending up for register marriage with no blessings from their parents or family members. And they get separated from their families.

Arranged Marriage

Sweet vibes

Arranged marriage has full support of the family members and relatives. In time of need the couples can turn to them for help. When any differences arises between the couples or their marriage faces any hurdles then their parents and families help them resolve all issues and stand by them.

Arranged marriage in India is celebrated with much enthusiasm and energy. It also happens with proper rituals and the blessings of the parents and family members. All the distant relatives are also invited to shower blessings on the newly wed. A lot of money is spent for the preparations and on the wedding ceremony in an arranged marriage.

Sour jibes

The couples are generally strangers to each other. They may not be comfortable and compatible with each other after marriage.

It takes time for them to understand and love each other. And the couples still then may or may not fall in love with each other.

Religion or culture or caste, these terms are considered and checked before choosing the groom or the bride. Usually two people speaking the same mother tongue and having the same caste are wed. Checking of the money value and status is also compared in arranged marriage.

If its arranged marriage then there is always some dowry involved. There is rarely such a case where any money or valuable gifts are not bestowed upon the groom.

Having noted all the above positive and negative attributes in both arranged and love marriage it is very difficult to select any particular type of marriage as the best suitable one and concluding by declaring one of the two to be the winner would be a calamitous mistake. So it can be said that the best kind of marriage would be Arranged Love marriage where there will be both compatibility between the couples and approval from the families. What do you think? Are you a love marriage headier or an arranged marriage floater?



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