The Real Soldier

Today I am going to narrate you an incident about an idiot’s precarious attempt who happens to be my best friend at saving an unknown girl in a grave situation.

A few months back, my friend’s 2nd semester results came out and he had brilliantly managed to fail in 3 subjects out of 6 total subjects. He got a good rebuke at home and after that he came to my house with a smile on his face. (Don’t forget he had passed in 3 subjects!) So we went out to celebrate. After an hour of brutally slaughtering our enemies in a 2 vs 2 fight in Counter Strike 1.6 at our usual gaming-café and yelling our victory out loud in our opponent’s faces every time we killed them, we were contented and decided to return back to our houses. It was already nearing 8 o’ clock in the evening and that day the street lights in that part of the small area were all off due to some wire problem, because of the heavy rainfall in the morning, it happens most of the time here. And so the entire area was covered in semi-darkness, the only light was coming from the feeble tiny stars in the sky. We were walking our way back home enjoying the fresh air, chatting animatedly about our game when we reached the turning to a side street which led to the distant main road where apparently the street lights were working and on. But this side street was very dark and with all the small shops shuttered down early that night it gave an eerie feel to the place. After walking a few paces into the street we heard someone shouting vulgar comments nearby and looking up ahead we saw a couple of creepy men wearing lungis were following two girls who were carrying tuition bags on their backs and walking rather fast. Just in a few seconds, we saw those men had almost actually come on the opposite sides of those girls and were trying to harass them. Seeing this, we hotfooted to them and my friend without preamble struck a punch at the back of one of those men’s head and I followed suit by kicking another from the back which made him topple on his face. They were both plainly drunk and the one whom my friend had punched now started abusing us and we were scared as hell just like those girls. I don’t know why the other man stayed on the ground rolling slightly murmuring slangs and we didn’t bothered and dared to look at him a second longer. That other man was quite hefty and grown up than us and he came for us flailing his arms in a woozy manner. Just because he was heavily drunk we were able to push him down to the ground together or we wouldn’t have stood a chance. The girls looked terrified. We all grabbed the opportunity and ran till we neared the main road which was just a little distance ahead and we were constantly looking back to see if they had followed us, but no one had. We were too scared to even utter a word or to speak with one another. We accompanied the two girls who took a right turn on the main road, and my friend asked them where their house was. And we walked with them to their house which was just a little further up on that road.

They were both studying in the 8th standard and were returning from their tuitions at that time. Upon reaching their house they both said us “Thanks bhaiya” and straight went inside the house. And I and my friend then returned to our homes, we both were still too scared. I am really proud of my friend for reacting immediately in that situation and doing much of the tackling and also giving me courage. I don’t believe I’d had even able to do anything without him at that time. He is the real soldier. We still talk about that day, and we’d laugh by saying, “Uss din toh asli ka CS (Counter Strike) hogaya tha!” 😀

 # This post is a part of #Soldierforwomen in association with

Soldiers for women

^Song of the Day: “Gone with the sin” by HIM

^Thank you, Until next time.

^Just Rebel and Chaos! 😉


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