Timely Act

This incident was narrated to me by a friend of mine, when I approached him for the Blogadda’s Soldier for Women Movement entry.

This post is a part of #Soldierforwomen in association with BlogAdda.com.

SoldierForWomen Initiative

“It was during my +2 days. I studied in 11th then and one mundane day while I was returning from my evening mathematics tuition as usual on my motorbike around 7 pm, lost to the sound of the music playing into my ears through my earphones, a man riding a motorbike with a lady sitting in the seat behind him passed me with such great speed (nearly 70 kmph) that I broke out of my reverie and was obligated to look after them. As I watched them, a cyclist came into the way of the speeding couple from the opposite side and the man riding the motorbike applied both the brakes of his motorbike altogether which caused the motorbike to skid on the road because of the speed of the bike. Both of them crashed down on the rough road and the lady rolled through the road halfway before coming to a halt. Sadly, none of them were wearing helmets. Luckily, the cyclist was saved from getting hit.

I reached to that spot as early as possible, and while there was already a small gathering of people there, none of them were doing anything besides just commenting and judging on the accident and some were also shouting at the cyclist. I parked my motorcycle in front of a nearby shop. And after that I picked up the lady who was completely bathed in blood and was unconscious. The man was heavily wounded too and he wasn’t able to move or stand up due to his injuries but he was conscious. I called a cab immediately and with the help of a person took both of them to the nearby hospital. Both of them were immediately treated by the doctors and the doctor said that they were out of danger then but had they been late by another fifteen minutes the matter would have been quite critical. I called their families and after they arrived at the hospital I explained them everything while they thanked and blessed me and then I went home nearly four hours late.”

That’s what my friend told me about this critical incident and his helpful and timely action. He is a real soldier not only for that lady but also for that man and for me too. I am really proud of him.

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