Kindhearted Stranger

I and my mum often visit the temple together. One such day my mum asked me to take her to the Chandi Mandir which is very famous here in Cuttack. Maa Chandi is believed to be the native goddess of Cuttack and her idol at the Chandi Mandir is worshipped by the whole town, hundreds of people flood in everyday to worship the idol of the deity at the temple.

It so happened. After we were finished praying, we came out of the temple and mum was waiting at the side road of the temple while I went to get the bike from the parking lot. Meanwhile, an old lady bent a little due to old age caught my sight. Her condition shook me. She didn’t even have enough cloth to cover up her body; her clothes were extremely torn and ragged. She could barely walk; still in the charring heat, there she was walking barefooted and begging to the people for a penny or some food but everyone just ignored and pushed her aside. She approached me for alms; I did not take my wallet that day in the temple due to fear of pickpockets so I offered her the prasad mum had bought in the temple since she said she was hungry. Although it was not much still she blessed me with a smile and left. I felt pity for her and wished I could do something for her condition, it was as if my prayers were heard by the goddess.

A car stopped by her and she approached it for alms, the car door opened and a man came out and placed a 500 rupee note in her bowl, he said something to her and then he helped her sit inside his car and then they drove out of the parking lot. I was curious and I went back to my mum who was waiting for me but I didn’t find that car anywhere in sight. So we set off  towards our home, I was still wandering  where that man would have taken that old woman when suddenly my eyes caught the sight of the same car parked at the side of the road ahead. Riding up towards it I saw that, that man was buying that poor old woman a saree from the store there. Seeing this I felt extreme peace of soul and joy at heart. I thanked the goddess for sending this kind man to ease the old woman’s misery. It’s this small act of kindness that made this stranger inspiringly great and a soldier for women in my eyes. Through this post I thank him.

This post is a part of #Soldierforwomen in association with

SoldierForWomen Movement

^Song of the Day: “God is Dead?” by Black Sabbath.

^Thanks, until next time! Cheers!

^Just Rebel and Chaos. 😉


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