Winter Sickness

Winter is approaching fast. It’s my favourite time of the year; chilly cold everywhere gives me a smooth ready excuse to develop the relationship with my bed even more. Steaming hot mugs of coffee, classic stories from the talented plethora of authors, mum made pakoda with tomato and coriander sauce and do not forget the warm cozy soft bed with thick quilt to keep me warm, lazy and sober. Of course, it’s the Christmas time too, that brings in another array of things which I absolutely adored, like, school/college/work holidays, Christmas themed cartoons on all the channels, folk/country music, Christmas carols, church visits and badminton matches till late night with friends, neighbours and family. But with winter it brings time old problems like cough, cold, continuous flow of phlegm and viral fever.

I was the most prone to these viruses every winter, as excited I would be waiting for winter for all the good activities it brings; it also crept in the irritation of going through the nose-leak and cough. When I graduated early this year and started working, falling sick was no more an option, since an IT startup doesn’t empathize with your state of illness and grants you leave. Still that isn’t understood by the cold, it still will get to you. I became the victim of cold and viral fever again this year, but I didn’t gave in to it and continued working regularly and punctually. As a result, the air conditioners running away 24 hours in the office made it even worse until I was asked by my Manager to take a leave to rest, get better and come back. Not that I didn’t enjoy the prospect of a leave and free time to myself, but that shmuck of a manager squared my leaves by deducting precious money from my salary. Since I had moved out of my hometown i.e. Odisha and was working in Bangalore, India; I was away from home and was missing mum’s quick and fail-proof home remedies which always worked and got me better in a very short period of time. So, my mum came and stayed with me and pampered me with all my favourite dishes, quick ayurvedic remedies which brought me instant relief, and she also had me take Dabur’s Chyawanprash every day, just like I did during my schooldays in the winters. Though it was a minor fever, it got mum so worried about me and my health. Mothers are the best gifts we have got I tell you. You’d never get such selfless love and care from another being. During the time I was sick she looked after me all day long, made me forcibly eat food more than I could digest to make sure I got enough protein without caring to have her meals on time. She said to me, when children fell ill it looks like all the energy and laughter has fled the house. Like the house itself has fallen ill. So, she got me better and fit in no time and I was able to resume my work with renewed efficiency. I was also happy because she was there with me during my illness or else, I’d have taken days to get better.


^Song of the day: “Words” by Ronan Keating.

^This post is a part of the Happy Hours campaign by IndiBlogger. 

^Chaos 😉

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