Toilets: Need of the hour

One out of 3 people in India don’t have access to a toilet. 597 million people from 1.27 billion Indian citizens don’t have a safe way to poop. The result you ask? They are defecating in the open. Might be in your very house’s backyard. India is making progress economically, scientifically and industrially, but among its more than one billion nationals there are still many millions who are desperately poor due to unequal distribution of wealth and resources. India is the abode to Asia’s largest slum. Slums can be found in almost every state and union territory of India. Slum conditions are highly unsanitary, a few mobile toilets are all that is available for slums, that too, if you’re lucky, otherwise the barren open fields is your personal commode. This promotes open defecation in India more than anything else, which in turn leads to the spread of fecal-oral disease and parasitic infestation.

Presently, 50% of India’s total population is under the age of 25. That means most of the younger generation of India don’t have access to toilets and thus, resorted to open defecation which includes women too. In fact, women are most impacted by the lack of sanitation facilities in our country. They face major issues relating to health and safety which also impacts their dignity. Indian men have little shame in openly pissing in public often on the roadsides in case they feel a pressure, but what about the women? They don’t have a safe way to urinate also. What India could do today, to be a better country tomorrow? – Provide better toilets for women.

Nearly half of Indian children face a serious health threat because of open defecation, which contaminates water and food supplies. Open defecation can be extirpated, it is extremely difficult yes, but not impossible. Just like every individual in every household edeavoured to rid India of the disease polio, we can do it to rid and bump open defecation too and improve sanitation in India. In addition to the several diseases and health problems, there is also a lack of safety and self-esteem associated with defecating in the open. Open defecation has become a practice that the poor people in India have become accustomed to. They often have to choose between their daily bread and having access to a toilet due to their low financial circumstances, so they choose the former for obvious reasons; which leads to more medical expenditures on their part due to poor sanitation and unhygienic living conditions. Given this state of the country, it’s funny how we, some of the more privileged and financially better off than them, take toilets for granted. Imagine if we are put to face what they face today, the thought is frightening to me at the least. On the other hand, it’s encouraging to see India is realizing the importance of toilets and trying to innovate in this field. In March, Delhi hosted ‘Reinvent the Toilet’ fair, where innovators from all around the world gathered to reinvent the toilet to make it more affordable and accessible to the poor people. Domex is carrying out an initiative to emphasize on this issue and provide contributions for better toilets for women at The destination is set, but this journey is going to be a difficult one.


^Song of the day: “Blead and Scream” by Eclipse.

^You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids live a dignified life.

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