IndiMeet Asus – Bangalore 2015

It has been seven months since I shifted my base to Bangalore and am about to shift it again to Mysore in a week (more on this later). I consider myself among the fortunate few to get an exclusive invite to the #GoSleeekAsusExperience IndiMeet, the first meet of its kind for the year 2015 that too in Bangalore just after requesting for it on the IndiBlogger’s diary to Anoop. CaptureThanks to Anoop and IndiTeam for that. Now talking about the event, it was absolute fun. This was my second time at an IndiMeet so I was quite excited since I knew what to expect this time from my first IndiMeet at Mumbai in 2013, and the expectations just like last time got satisfied with loads of fun, beautifully spent evening, networking, tasty food, awesome ambiance, making new friends and a experience like none other.

So it all started with a lie. Since the meet was on Friday at 5.30 pm (a working day) I was tensed whether my acting of a severe headache would work out in front of my Manager. Fortunately, it did 😛 and I was able to get out of office early since the meet venue “ITC Royal Gardenia” was 17 kilometers away from my place and people who have survived Bangalore’s traffic on a weekday in evening near ITPL area need not know anything else to feel my pain. So I reached the venue exactly on time, and after getting seated and chatting up with people who were seated with me at the same table, it all began with a rock performance from Karthik (Acoustic guitar, vocals), Anoop (Lead guitar), Masked-man (Bass), Batman-Hoodie-guy (Drums) and the beautiful and ecstatic lady (Vocals).

10854357_10152670538212883_5868518781285473720_o 10828130_10152670538712883_2086727925991731568_o 10911477_10152670538747883_7793822362094506876_o10257464_10152670538792883_500283080254980018_o

Then followed the regular ritual of Hurr-hurr, where you got to pump up by shouting on top of your voice with clenched fists swiping the air. This was followed by more networking and getting to know others attendees/bloggers through two simple games, one to convince others to lend you their personal belongings and the second a skit on stage to convey what blogging is adapting the styles of a popular movie. These were absolute joy since there were people of great demeanor and I also managed to convince them to lend me their personal belongings ranging from a pain relief gel to reading glasses to mobile phone to used toothpick and some elegant ladies also scribbled some cheesy messages for me with their autographs. 😛  After all this commotion, the sponsors Asus India, presented their new products ASUS EeeBook X2015 and AIO to us. The most interesting feature I liked in it was the in-built battery backup for 1 hour in case of a power cut. By the time they were finished with their presentation and we were finished with our queries regarding their new products, my stomach was rolling with hunger. So we were showed to the dining hall where there was a splendid buffet arranged for us. The food was so tasty that I stuffed myself until I could eat no more. 😛 Free food is always welcome anyways. 😀

That’s a wrap. All in all, I had a great time with people from the IndiBlogger community and it was a wonderful experience. Looking forward for the next meet.


^Song of the day: “Vicarious” by Tool.

^Until next time, cheers & chaos! 😉


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