Quikr NXT

Quikr is India’s biggest home grown online classified ads portal to sell or buy any stuff directly from their owners. Quikr has recently introduced its new program called Quikr NXT. The new features include Free home delivery of stuff purchased on their platform and instant chat between buyers and sellers. And both of these features are a first for any online classified site in India.

The instant messaging service on Quikr NXT is a blessing to the large community of Quikr users. It allows users to chat using the website or mobile app which implies that now users can choose to make an ad or a listing private, which hides their email ID and phone number on the site. I still remember the annoyance it caused me to get hundreds of phone calls from buyers or to make hundreds of phone calls to the sellers when I was shopping at Quikr. The numbers, items, the list of details to ask on call, etc made the bookmarks tab on my browser to explode and my sticky note pad stack to get empty. Instant messaging or chat is always a better and a convenient option than phone calls for several reasons.  I’d highlight three main reasons as to why I prefer chat over a phone call.

  1. Convenient timings: When you are selling a certain thing on a platform of the scale like Quikr, after you list the item for sale on their platform your phone would get bombarded within minutes by dozen of phone calls and often the phone calls come at inconvenient times e.g. you’re in a lecture, you’re working in the office, you’re sleeping, you’re in an important meeting, etc. So with the advent of the new chat feature now we can reply to all the queries at a convenient time.
  2. Privacy: Privacy is an important thing when it comes to sharing your personal contact details especially your mobile number and email address on a public platform like Quikr. You’re basically inviting tons of spam emails and dozens fraud calls to your number, plus after that god knows how many online advertisers would get their hands on your details to bug you day and night. With Quikr NXT these problems are solved, because you don’t have to share your contact number or email address with anyone. The only point of contact becomes your Quikr ID.
  3. Tracking and Real time: If you are selling a used good on a classified portal the amount of calls you get can get overwhelming, then if you’re talking to a lot of buyers , you need to remember what price you quoted to each person as well and the big problem is that it is time taking. But if you use chat, then you can have conversations with multiple buyers at the same time plus you don’t have to share your contact number with them and tracking is easy since all the chat is saved in your chat history, and you could also demand a better picture of the item for sale from a certain angle.


^Song of the day: “Lateralus” by the awesome Tool.

^Do visit  http://www.quikr.com/ and check out their new feature.

^Until next post, keep visiting! 😉


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