From father to son

A father is his son’s first hero, whom he admires more than any other mentor, guide or even a Marvel comic superhero. He is his Ironman. My father is also a hero to me, he has always been by my side more like a friend than a father listening, guiding, encouraging me in all my endeavours. We both always have been open about all kinds of discussions. It mostly comprises of my life’s topics than from his life, that’s the unselfish concern and interest of a parent for their child. I consider myself extremely lucky to have got him as my dad. I and my dad always have good lengthy conversations, we share our lives with each other, our problems, our beliefs and principles, and our happiness.

I remember, since my childhood days him always guiding me whenever I was confused, healing me when I was broken, most of all giving his time to sit and talk with me when I was lost in the limbo of thoughts. My mom also imbued great values into me, she practically made me the man I am now. But my dad trusted in me more than anyone else. I remember till today, he often used to save me if mom was mad at me and came to give me a good thrashing. 😛 He did scold when I did wrong, not to scare me away from doing it again, but to encourage me to do it in the right way the next time. Also, he is often more updated than me in current affairs and always amazed me by bringing interesting topics up for discussion which I wasn’t aware of until he notified me. If I were a soccer player he would always be my coach. He held the back of my bicycle, trotting with me while I rode the bicycle and helped me learn to balance it on road. He has given me all the happiness and comforts of the life, much more than I could even ask for, he has given me the love of a father. If the ten year old me were walking on the road stomping my feet then he explained me why not to do so. If I were being naive then he’d train me to polish myself. Instead of some dads beating their sons up like some of poor friends, my dad always tried to reason with me if I did wrong. I will be always thankful to him for that. Professionally whatever I am today, there’s a big role my dad has played to help me reach there. He has encouraged me always, even when everyone else lost faith in me. I was not such a social person since forever, being an introvert I kept to myself more than engage with others. I often argued with him when he kept and maintained relationships with all kind of people, how his time and resources was getting wasted after them who didn’t even care for us. He explained to me then, how wrong my cognition was, man is a social animal, and people will smile at you only if you smile back.

He gave me the strength to be a self-reliant person, imparted civic sense into me while I was a little boy, supported me and at the same time made me self-dependent. It was he who taught me to value myself, told me that I am uncommon and rare, and encouraged me to take life and its challenges head on with a sportive heart. My father has been an important influence in my childhood. He is my teacher and a great dad.


^Song of the day: “Don’t Stop Dancing” by Creed.

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^I’m at Infosys Mysore presently, the training’s hectic, but it’s a beautiful place, I have clicked lots of photos, will post them here and will be writing about it the next time I get some time out of the busy schedule. 

^Until then, keep the fire raging and enjoy the little things. 😉

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