The day me and my bestest chums completed our third year examination of our Bachelors degree was a day to remember, which comes not too often. After reaching home from college, after having written the final paper for that semester, we had quite sometime in our hands to cherish and relax. There were no plans for that day but there was surely some longing for the day, for getting the pressure lifted off our brain muscles for a while. Just after finishing the lunch and getting refreshed, I heard my name being called in the similar enthusiastic voices from down the street of my home. When I rushed to the balcony to look, there stood my partners in mischief, the three friends with whom I had shared most of my fun-filled moments with since childhood, awaiting on top of their motorcycles and reflecting me the same grin I had on my face. We shared a friendship of 12 long years, and together we four made the wolfpack. 😛 Without a minute to pass, I was there with them on my bike ready to roll.

We rode off, the roar of our bikes shooking the neighbourhood and breaking many people’s sleep. 😛 Bikes, best buddies and a clean long highway, what more could one ask for? Ah yes, ACDC’s song “Highway to Hell” playing in the background perhaps. 😛 We were busy gibbering and pulling each other’s legs oblivious of where we were headed. We took turns in showing some bike tricks we all think we are the only ones who could do it. Then we reached the Naraj dam in Cuttack, Odisha, our usual spot to hangout, and we took a side turn towards the mountain and we all halted at the mountain top where the road ended. We killed the engines and parked the beasts on the side of the road, and walked up towards the opening, the view that met our eyes was astounding. I was taken by surprise, all this time I was living near that place and I didn’t knew such a scenic place lied unchecked till now, the sky was painted a magnificient violet with orangish hues in places made by the sun on the horizon. It was the perfect weather, a mixture of stormy and sunny. The kind we loved. We admired the view for minutes, then we began to discuss on the plans to spend the holidays – football in the mornings, pc gaming in the noons, excursions and ramblings to places unknown and unseen in the city with jamming all the food we could at our favourite spots in the city in the evenings. It was all set. We all were meeting after a month of gruelling examination and we intended to spent the holidays to it’s best, hanging out and relishing every moment together as much as we could.

At that moment, sitting with my friends, having those laughs, looking at the marvellous view of the sun setting on the horizon lingering the last rays on our faces on that hilltop, on that day, I realized I would give anything for my friends, that dying is easy, living is harder and  it’s the little things and times like this that makes our life worth fighting for, and as the sun drowned into the clouds to make way for a beautiful cool starry night I was filled with the rejuvenating vigour and positive energy towards my life and the strength to look up.


^Song of the day: “Devil’s lullaby” by Lordi.

^If you’re searching for accomodation in major Indian cities try these guyshttps://housing.com/

^Database technology exam is drawing near and so is my birthday. Got a brilliant Giordano wristwatch as an early present from my dear sister.

^Watched the movie ‘Whiplash’ today, absolutely loved it, provided the motivation and focus I needed for the upcoming exam.

^Until next time, rock n roll! 😉


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