IndiMeet FlipkartImageSearch – Bangalore 2015

After the last proper Indimeet in February this year at ITC Gardenia Bangalore, I got the august (pun intended) opportunity to go to the #FlipkartImageSearch Indimeet at no other than Hard Rock cafe, Bangalore. Since last time I have shifted to Mysore due to my job posting here; it’s not so easy for me to travel every weekend to Bangalore because of which I missed the #BigRock WordUp Indimeet just the last weekend. I was extremely disappointed with my schedule and then I got the invitation to the #FlipkartImageSearch meet and that too at the Hard Rock cafe, the hall of fame for a metalhead and rock music addict like me. The meet was at 10 am (yes, early morning!) on Saturday (a fine holiday) 1st of August. Not to mention I was really excited to be there, but was feeling giddy when the alarm of 5.30 am shrieked in my ears. I had a train to Bangalore from Mysore railroad station at 6:45 am which needless to say, I shamelessly missed. I boarded the next train at 7:20 am instead, that too sprinting parallel to the train, not even on the platform, I was too late to go to platform 2 at which the train was present, so I had to dive on the rails and run alongside the now gaining speed ‘Bagmati Express’. I had to put up all this extra efforts because I had reached the station at 7:21 am and saw the train already leaving the platform. Phew! This experience will be there with me every time I have to board a train early in the morning. 😛

The train whistled into the Bangalore city at around 10 am (yes it was time for the meet to begin), though it took me another hour to reach HRC from the railway station due to the morning traffic and a few misdirection from some confused folks. On entering the HRC, I was met with the usual North eastern attendants of HRC who welcomed me and tied a blue band on my right-hand’s wrist. Then I joined the queue of fellow bloggers waiting to get some space inside the already crammed bar which had been cleared out for the meet and chairs had been arranged in rows for people to be seated facing towards a projector screen (for the Flipkart folks presentation).11807411_10153068764132883_1364218045618771010_o

After realizing getting a seat won’t be easy in that crowd I adjusted my tush over a tiny stool at the side of the wall. 😛 Ah, after a hectic run to reach in time even the comfort of that stool felt awesome. 😀 I met Vikas and Avinash from my earlier Dabur event in July there and we caught up with each other. The ambiance was well set and as expected the meet began with Nihal (Vocals), Anoop (Guitars), Jesuwin (Drums) and the unknown bassist who had died 29 years back (that’s what they say), taking the balcony stage above the bar towering over our heads. With Anoop’s greetings and usual pleasantries of charging up with “Hell Yeahs”, the band began playing “Beastie Boys – (You Gotta) fight for your right (To Party!)” followed by a rap performance from Saurabh. The HRC stage suited this band well, I loved their performance and thoroughly enjoyed it while Renie was busy clicking away on his DSLR.


(L-R)Bassist-brought back from dead, Jesuwin, Saurabh, Nihal and Anoop.

Now the floor was handed over to the FlipkartImageSearch’s CPO Punit Soni who explained and made us acquainted with not only the Image Search feature but also the legacy of Flipkart in India and their philosophy and reason behind going app-only soon. The idea behind ImageSearch is to be simply put into words is “Point. Shoot. Buy.”, it allows the users to click a picture of the item they’d like to purchase and then it takes the image through some complex machine learning and AI engine to return to the user all the similar/exact products the e-commerce giant has available with them. So now you see a friend at the party wearing that cool denim jacket you always wanted -> “Point. Shoot. Buy.” or a good pair of Nike shoes in the showroom which you want to buy at a cheaper price from Flipkart -> “Point. Shoot. Buy.” or the pretty handbag your friend is showing off at the kitty party -> “Point. Shoot. Buy.” We even did a group activity through which we got to test the ImageSearch feature hands on after a break of snacks and unlimited drinks from the bar. We were divided into five teams of twenty people whose task was to “Point. Shoot. Win.” using Flipkart’s ImageSearch feature, the team with the most number of exact product matches using the ImageSearch were to be the winners. So all of us got to work and while at it had loads of funny moments, I even tried capturing the Elvis Presley’s jacket from the showcase in the cafe and fed it to the ImageSearch feature to get same color jackets thrown back at me. Not bad. 😀 I was the co-captain of our team and we collected 33 items out of which 23 were declared exact matches by the flipkart evaluator. Though we didn’t win but we had a lot of fun and I met some amazing people through this activity, still we were the runners-up. 😉 IMG_20150801_141054

After the activity, lunch was served and free copies of the recently published “10 Love Stories” was given out to everyone and I had the privilege to get my copy signed and get a picture clicked with two of the most warm and humble contributing authors who happened to be present at the place.

With Debmita Dutta (Pen-name: Varsha Dutta)

With Debmita Dutta (Pen-name: Varsha Dutta)

With Parmita Borah

With Parmita Borah

Looking forward to read the book in the coming weekend. Do look out for a review soon! 🙂 Get your copy now at IndiStore.

After all this, I got engaged in networking and catching up with old blogger friends and made a few new ones, Rajiv, Shoaib, Bharath and Freya to name a few. IMG_20150801_152151



A rare picture with the members of the IndiTeam – Anoop, Karthik and Renie! 🙂


^Song of the day: “(You Gotta) fight for your right (To Party!)” by Beastie Boys.

^Until next time, cheers & chaos! 😉

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