Game of Thrones

I have been an anime series veteran during junior college days, Spartacus and occasional Supernatural fan during senior years, since then noticing the amount of life watching TV series took away from me I had stopped until recently; after putting off getting back into the TV series marathon for quite too long, I picked up Game of Thrones randomly as a series to start from or maybe because I have a soft spot for fantasy genre. Since then it has been 3 episodes at least (sometimes five) every night after work, i.e. 3 to 5 hours after work. Sometimes when I just couldn’t resist the immersive ending of an episode I jumped to the next hence going to bed at 4 am only to wake up to the alarm at 7 am for office. I even carried the next episodes on my phone to watch them during bus rides back and forth between home and office. On weekends, I was unstoppable hopping from one episode to the next, oblivious to eat, shower and sleep. I finished the whole series i.e. 50 episodes of 1 hour each in just a week carrying fiery red eyeballs everyday to work. It was worth it because no series has kept me hooked to it like this, till now. For those who don’t know, Game of Thrones series is based on George R. R. Martin’s amazing novel “A Song of Ice and Fire” which is brought to screen on channel HBO by show runners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss every Spring in the month of April. Till now five books from the planned seven volumes of A Song of Ice and Fire are published and the TV series Game of Thrones’s five seasons with ten episodes each are largely based on those corresponding five books, with both the book and shoot for the next season running in parallel for the April 2016 release.

Game of Thrones describes a fictional world where royal houses battle for the Iron Throne, a replica of which was showcased recently at the Bangalore Comic Con, which attracted thousands of comic enthusiasts to pose sitting on it and take a picture. Game of Thrones unlike other fantasy works, which meddles in war between good and evil and dabbles the viewer’s mind with some imaginative magical force; is bluntly realistic and devoid of dialectic which are also the factors even the critics praise the series for. The series dissuades from the disused notions of honor and nobility and shows characters like Ned Stark who believes in them are soon beheaded. It shows the harsh realities of the world and teaches that there isn’t always an imaginary upper hand to aid you and ultimately make good victorious over evil and the crude ways of life. The series has high key season finales leaving the viewers at their wits end as to what happens next (if they haven’t read the books). The cast for the TV series is excellently befitted into their individual characters and roles who play exceptionally well on screen, especially Peter Dinklage playing Tyrion Lannister, it seems like they’re not acting at all and giving a natural performance. Having not read the books, I was thoroughly surprised by the series and found myself addicted to it. The show is engaging because besides the enriching and maintained plot by the author, the game has been played out by equally talented actors on screen.

I am eagerly waiting for the sixth season and the time couldn’t be more apt that Tata Sky+ has come up with its new Transfer product which will enable me to record the episodes and stream/transfer it directly on my phone without internet and watch them offline on the go with the boon to replay my favourite episodes again. The Transfer box has an in-built storage capacity of 500 GB, HD 1080p quality recording, Dolby digital sound and a capability to play the telecast on 16:9 wide aspect ratio. All my wishes in a box. The most pivotal feature of Tata Sky+ Transfer for me is the Series Recording or Series Link which can record all episodes of any TV series, and skip the repeats automatically – just like that. Watch this fun entertaining video about Tata Sky+ Transfer and how it saves you the hassles over the dominance of the TV remote controller during your favourite show’s telecast. 🙂

So, Record. Transfer. Carry and dig into the epic dark fantasy fable, Game of Thrones!


^Song of the day: “Game of Thrones Theme” by Ramin Djawadi.

^Do visit and check out more about the incredible Transfer box.

^Until next post, rage and chaos! 😉


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