One year at Infosys, Mysore

Reminiscing the year gone by. A year at Infosys, a year at Mysore, a year of (non) blue. Met some good people, made great friends, learnt a lot, discovered new things about myself, learnt about part of me which was yet unexplored, savoured luxury, rambled across the scenic southern parts of the country, enjoyed the cool climate, pushed myself to be more open and talkative, learnt the importance of each individual’s role and of networking, connected with over a 100 new people, picked up a long aspired sport (Lawn tennis), tried another new sport (Volleyball) – played few matches couldn’t be good at it, picked up two new hobbies (Swimming and Biking), replenished three old hobbies (Chess, Carrom and Badminton), unveiled some amazing folk music, shared and worked on tens of new ideas, good frequency of writing/blogging in initial months, renewed friendships with two old broken pals initiating talks first, forgave, forgot, let go of people and things – they came back, cherished life, completely learnt to enjoy own company, true aspect of introvertedness achieved, put myself out of my comfort zone, missed home, laid eyes on some of the most marvelous architectures, participated in first hackathon – coded for 24 hours straight, created things for the betterment of people and society, influenced few people, took big risks went unlucky fought and won them over, observance level grew and got filtered by learning design thinking, appreciated, applauded and thanked more, taught myself to find the meaning of life in this heritage city now delighted to live here, clicked and enhanced thousands of pictures of surrounding – inkling to make a hobby but a bit shy to go snapping everywhere in public, resumed working out, read many short stories and 5 novels, expanded music playlist by a 100 GB, downloaded 2 TBs of movies and tv shows – still most are pending to be watched, tried fish and new south indian dishes for the first time, loved Bisi Bele Bath – a south indian dish, broke my body two times, and mended it to be stronger, understood importance of breakfast and meals on time, had loads of quiet time absolutely loved it, had loads of noisy time loved that too, grew cooking skills, enjoyed and addicted to some new tv shows (Game of Thrones and Sherlock) and movies (American Sniper, Furious 7, Star Wars VII, Spectre, Avengers, Ant-man, The Revenant, Southpaw, Insurgent, Pixels and Steve Jobs), still darn crazy over video games (purchased the new CS: Global Offensive, continued Dota 2 and World of Warcraft, restarted Age of Mythology: Tale of the dragon, Rise of Nations: Extended Edition), all in all collected memories worth tens of years just in one. To this day, looking at GEC2 every evening fills me with hope and happiness, feels like the structure has inspiring values imbued within its old stones. Such a tremendously fulfilling year it has been. Now it’s time to turn to a fresh page with some new escapades.


Global Education Center 2 (GEC 2), Infosys, Mysore.

^Song of the post: “Improwizacja” by Mariusz Goli

^Rage & chaos! 🙂


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