Indimeet FlipkartOutdoors – Bangalore 2016

From the past experience of running on tracks to catch the train for Bangalore on the day of Indimeet early in the morning, I wrapped up my work and left the beautiful Infosys Mysore’s office well in advance on Friday (TGIF) and reached Bangalore at night itself. The next day early morning (7.15 am early)  the indibus was scheduled to leave from the pickup point – Ganesha temple, Ulsoor lake for the #FlipkartOutdoors Indimeet at the Mango Mist resort. I stayed 5 kms away from Ulsoor at night so that I don’t miss the Indibus in the morning. But to my dismal, the auto I booked took me to the Ganesha temple at Ulsoor instead of the one at Ulsoor lake (which is about 1 km away) and to worsen things it was already 7.30 am and I missed the Indibus. The next attempts of getting to the second pickup point were even more disappointing, the first cab I booked didn’t had any diesel to take the trip so he cancelled it after waiting for 20 minutes, the second one was even more confused fellow, he took me round in circles around Ulsoor before dropping me off at the same place I had boarded the cab and admitted he wasn’t sure of the route to Bannerghatta road. Shoot my life, it was already time for the bus to depart from second pickup point as well. With low hopes and the sun already blazing at me, I was having second thoughts of attending the meet now since the meet venue was on the faraway outskirts of Bangalore. But Vineet’s reply acted as a catalyst. _20160222_234000

After a walk of 2 kms, a cab, two buses, a walk of 4 kms again finally took me to the open gates of Mango Mist Resort in Harapanahalli, Bannerghatta. I reached an hour late, not much given the distance I covered in the bustling city traffic.

Apparently, I was the last one expected at the event and the wonderful Inditeam had saved me the last band (which was required to use all the facilities inside the resort). I got inducted into team 5, who were busy listening to the Polaroid cube operations. The bloggers were all distributed into small teams and assigned goals to accomplish using the high tech sporting gadgets on display by the Polaroid, Garmin, RedChief, Samsung, Sony, AltecLansing, Coleman teams. So we walked over to each counter and listened to their product functionalities and collected some to experiment in and around the sporting activities inside the resort. I was amazed by the little Polaroid Cube – adorable, tiny, efficient for shooting a 124 degrees lateral FHD video,9340

the canny thing could be mounted on almost every thing/part of your body. Needless to say, I collected one, tied it on my wrist with a strap and shot a video while I tried the Russian ladder and rang the bell on top of the tree.

Samsung and Garmin had their latest watches which can perform a range of tasks from counting the number of steps wearer walks to playing an encouraging running song. I wore a Garmin’s watch to track my footsteps and calories burnt throughout the day. I had burnt 1293 calories and walked about 2456 steps by lunch time. After the tiring travel, having missed the breakfast and all the heavy physical action, lunch came as a blessing. The food was tasty and fulfilling, though the adrenaline rush made me eager to try the other sports after a few bites, so I went on to experience the Bottle shooting and archery kiosks.

PicMonkey Collage

Archery and Shooting.

It wasn’t as easy as it looked, aiming and hitting the mark was difficult in just a few attempts. After that our team took up the challenge of assembling the Coleman’s camping tent the fastest while shooting our feat on Sony’s latest ActionCam video camera.IMG_20160220_130120 Here’s the team picture relishing the moment after building our own tent quickly.


(L to R happy faces) – Pooja, Me, Seema, Priya, Asha and Mahesh.

Those are some amazing people despite they being older than me both in blogging and age, we connected instantly and they were all very friendly. We shared good laughs and enjoyed our time together to make beautiful memories. The day came to an end with an engaging paintball competition (met the cool Sathish and Sarath) and rain dancing along with a cool cranberry mocktail. At last, we bid farewell to the Inditeam and boarded the bus to return to the city. I met and made some new friends while on the way back, Salma, Ami and Madhumita, we savoured bhel puri and they helped me drop off at the correct stop. Thank you all. Looking forward to meet everyone in the next gathering. IMG_20160220_142700_1455985282268


^Song of the day: “Arriving somewhere but not here” by the gods in Porcupine Tree.

^Until next time, cheers & chaos! 😉


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