An operating system not found error

Getting “An operating system not found” error? When I tried dual booting Ubuntu 14.04 LTS from a bootable USB stick with my Windows 10 I received it too, nothing seemed to work for me. Here, I will list down the possible steps you can follow and see if it works for you.

  1. If you’re trying to boot from an external HDD connected via USB, it might be a reason for failure; try a bootable pendrive instead.
  2. Try removing all other USB devices/cables and keep only the pendrive intact and try reading the OS from pendrive during startup (Press F12 for Boot options on Dell systems).
  3. Most of the times the pendrive isn’t formatted and made bootable correctly; try using windows command line to make your USB bootable effectively: Create a bootable USB Flash Drive [Note: In step 9 in the link, select format filesystem as FAT32 not NTFS even if your platform is BIOS and not UEFI]. Or,
  4. Prepare USB stick exactly as described in Ubuntu documentation: How to create a bootable USB stick on Windows. Instead of using USB installer software suggested on the Ubuntu site you can use Rufus, it comes highly recommended for creating bootable sticks.
  5. Make sure you format your pendrive as FAT32, not NTFS and try making it bootable then.

Point 5 worked for me. My bootable USB stick was in NTFS format, after formatting it to FAT32, Ubuntu ran like a cake.



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