Enable minimization of apps by clicking on their icons again

Did you get irritated having to click the minimize ‘-‘ button to minimize every window in Unity desktop for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS? Have you wondered, Can I use the Unity launcher icon to minimize applications/windows?

Don’t know what I am talking about? I’m talking about clicking on the application’s Unity launcher icon to minimize it instead of having to click the ‘-‘ button on the window instead. To get a clear idea see below,


Fancy right? 🙂

Well, an unsupported capability was added in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS release to achieve this. Unsupported means Canonical do not guarantee this moving capability forward towards Unity 8. To achieve this in a safe way just run the command given below in your terminal.

gsettings set org.compiz.unityshell:/org/compiz/profiles/unity/plugins/unityshell/ launcher-minimize-window true

Enjoy! 🙂


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