Treat fiasco

I have got a horde of food-hungry hogs for friends. Just interject the two lesser used ‘F’ words (no, you dirty minded dweeb, it’s not the word you’re thinking! 😛) “free” and “food” into the same sentence, and Continue reading


YouTube’s been fooling people around this year

Happy April Fool’s Day Folks and a Very Happy Birthday to Stringed Words! (Well, that wasn’t a joke though.) 😀

Are you sad and shocked believing that YouTube is gonna shut down and will be back online after  just a teeny-tiny-small decade? Watch this video.

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Top Ten April Fools Jokes Online

I am posting it now, before I forget it and after some years I could look up at this post and laugh! 😛

After scouring cyberspace for the funniest April Fools Jokes, here is the list of  top ten favourite pranks that have hit the Internet, from ‘thatsnonsense(dot)com’

Number 10
Joke: Translate for Animals Application
Company: Google UK
Year: 2010

Search engine giant Google have a prolific history of playing Aprils Fools Jokes, and 2010 was no exception, with the announcement of their new application that translates the noises of many animals into English. Its simple you see – all you need to do is record the animal noise which is then transmitted from your phone to the Google servers which then analyse the “neural biological acoustics” of the sound and compares it to the “millions of sounds in their animal linguistic database” to produce the correct human translation. Its so simple even a numpty could do it!

And do it they certianly did, but of course it wasn’t real, yet it still fooled many who spent hours fruitlessly holding their phones up to their disinclined pets in the hope of finally knowing what was on their minds. Whilst the application did exist Continue reading..