Start saving today for the expensive education tomorrow


Start saving today for tomorrow’s expensive education



Higher education in colleges and universities has become a lot more expensive than it used to be; my parents recounted that when they were in college, their fees used to be a mere Rs. 500 per year which during my admission had steeply mounted to more than Rs. 1 lakh per year. That is 200 times more. Education in today’s world has become one major goal for parents and students alike; both have the nagging worry of how to reach the paramount task of putting together the money to pay for the fees, tuition, books, uniform, resources, hostel, etc. It is high time to start saving now.

But where to begin? Let’s look at the best option available to achieve this goal.


Mutual Funds: Best way to gain maximum returns

When we talk about savings, there are varied schemes and methods available to us in today’s time, but to gain the maximum returns on our investments, often mutual funds are the most sought after option. And the way to invest or save money in a mutual fund periodically is commonly known as Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). Just like we earn and spend frequently, we must invest to fulfil our next dream.



What is SIP?

SIP is an easy and convenient tool or method via which you can invest in mutual funds through some fixed small amount at regular periods to create a fund for your child’s higher education. There is no time or date restriction on when an individual can start investing in a SIP. You can start investing with as low as Rs. 50 or Rs. 500 or Rs. 5000; the continuity matters. The crux of the matter is to save, be it at any time during the month, dedicate some amount of money towards the SIP payment just like you pay your bills and other dues.

What are the advantages of investing in SIP?

Systematic investing has a number of advantages:

  • It inculcates in you a good habit to save just like you earn and spend
  • It brings a financial drive and discipline in your life. This leads to a peaceful state of mind and oozes out much of the tension regarding saving for your next big dream
  • It helps you to balance your investments by investing in fixed intervals of time in all market conditions. This gives you a chance to buy more units later for the same amount of money if the unit price falls.
  • This helps in averaging out your costs and reduces your risk.


If you are planning to invest in SIP, you might want to check Birla Sun Life’s Sabse Important Plan to help you save for your child’s future. They help you make small, but regular investments, in mutual funds giving you the advantage of compounding.

How much amount should you set aside? How much yield you should expect after few years to fulfil your dream?

It has been made really simple with Birla Sun Life’s SIP calculator; you can check it here: SIP Calculator.

A driven habit of saving is all it takes to help that dream of yours to materialize into reality!

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