#include <iostream>
int main() {
 std::cout << "Hello!";
 return 0;

The posts on this page are my humble beginning towards documenting what I learn on the fly about programming, hacks, automation, algorithms, data structures, time and space complexities, research on current market trends, AI, machine learning, architecture, boost library, optimizations, code styling, competitive coding, coding contests, tutorials, game programming, hackathons, good books, etc to say the least. I use C++ mostly for almost every line of code I write on a daily basis so be prepared to see a lot of C++ and Object oriented programming on this blog. I have recently been fascinated by Python and its scripting capability to automate almost all of my mundane tasks, for example, fetching IMDb ratings to rate my whopping movie collection at a click of a button, thanking all of my Facebook friends for wishing me on my birthday, changing my windows lock screen wallpaper from the Windows Spotlight Pictures selection whenever a new image is added, etc. I will try to cover all of those in good time when I get better at them.

This corner of the blog is mainly a repository of tips, tricks, reviews about the most wishful skills any aspiring programmer thinks about. If you are a beginner as well there might be loads to learn here, as I embark upon a journey in learning C++, Data Structures and Algorithms. There have been numerous instances where I had learned a particular hack/concept and I forgot it after a week and then I had to go back and seek that knowledge again by searching a whole lot over the web again for the best source to douse my thirst for a simple and elegant explanation. Most of the time I had scribbled all that precious information on some notepad or piece of paper, which is very tedious to refer to when the information is urgently needed. So from now, I will be documenting everything I learn towards getting better at C++ and coding in general here, I will try to boil it down to simple and easy explanations for faster grasping. I hope my rants here help you as much as it helps me. I believe some of the posts may prove useful to C++ programmers.

Constructive comments are most welcome, feel free to drop me C++ topic suggestions to cover on this blog as well. If you want to include code in your comments, just wrap your code in these tags:

[code language="cpp"]
your code here

Happy learning! 🙂

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