Winter Sickness

Winter is approaching fast. It’s my favourite time of the year; chilly cold everywhere gives me a smooth ready excuse to develop the relationship with my bed even more. Steaming hot mugs of coffee, Continue reading

Shining love

Two lovers
Sat under the sky
Stars shine down See full post

Summer Incense with Kyra

In the hot burning afternoon of  23rd May, 2012, an unkempt black haired, tall and carelessly handsome teen was enjoying his prep siesta on his study table after having a delightful lunch of rice, dal, aloo bhaja, dahi, salad and ghuguni(chickpea) curry having no strain on his mind while he dozed off pressing his chin on the second page of the Systems Programming book written by yet another MIT Professor ‘John J. Donovan’ to torment the Engineering students. He shifted his head to a more comfortable position and knocking off the pen-holder in the process still lost in his reverie that Will you click to read more?