Disguised Optimist

I have loved computers since I first rammed my tubby fingers on the keyboard. The visual display and the output in cognition to my input was magical.
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My Quests in Life


Life. The contiguous two answering beats of the heart. The eupneic of air through the narrow parting of the lips. A multitude of flashes captured by the eye. Life is about living, but very few people really live it. To actually live it, you must have the wish to live it which is the quintessential element everyone must possess. There is so MUCH to do in life! How can one say there’s nothing to do or I have done enough in my life? I have become irritated of hearing from my friends and acquaintances so often that they had nothing to do during their holidays, or they got bored to death during their free time. Sometimes you do get tired of the world due to your continuous indulgence but that doesn’t justify your answer of ‘getting bored’ or ‘nothing’ to the question ‘Wassup?’ and ‘What are you doing these days?’ all the time. Continue reading