All the world’s a stage

All the world’s a stage

Were the wise cunning words of the bard

That is puffed to life even today

The reason for his remembrance


We’re mere marionettes

In the hands of the player

Pulling random notes

Our life’s balladeer


The sweet intonation embodied in his poetry

Blind us,  for we can’t see a thing

And dance to his harmonics

Forgetting our own dreams


Snared by the temptations

Confounded in our minds

Living for others

Stupefied by the stage


The promiscuous licks

Forms a juncture

Bewitching the audience

Amalgamating cheers and claps


For this is the theater of life

Where you are

Sometimes a hero and sometimes a fiend

And all the world is your stage.



Linking with: Carry On Tuesday #167


Prompt: All the world’s a stage


^Song of the day: “Master of Puppets” by Metallica

^Don’t be lazy and please do drop in your comments below 😛

^Until next time, Chaos! 😉



14 thoughts on “All the world’s a stage

    • Many thanks Rigel and thank you for visiting, do make that more often! 😛
      Well what can I say just love the works of that brilliant bard, thats the reason I guess I could think of this short poetry, least I can do. 😉


  1. I totally enjoyed this. Your certainly know how to use words ‘constructively’ thank you for sharing it. I m a fan of spokeshave………..(dont worry about it, My Father always called dear Willy that!) hugzzz


    • 😀 Thanks to you for visiting my blog and taking pain in exploring the poetry and couldn’t thank enough for your wonderful comment. I’m overwhelmed. I’m a diehard fan of your spokeshave too(no worries here Willy would definitely like this closeness 😉 ) *Hugs back* 🙂


  2. In school I found Shakespeare so difficult to put into MY words….then I realized I didn’t have to….the prose was fine, just the way it was…..It was easier to see it acted out on stage….In any case, your poem had me thinking….I am neither hero of fiend – just somewhere in-between….


    • Thank you for dropping by. 🙂 Even, it took me some time initially to fully understand some of the Shakespeare’s words but it got clearer and apparent afterwards. That is your perspective about lying somewhere in between, but you never know you might be a Hero for someone without knowing 😉 or will become, life isn’t just over is it? 🙂


    • yeah life has its balance and by fiend I don’t imply on being a real villain in life. Well it just implies about the minor mistakes we as humans make intentionally, for to err is to be human, it may include for example telling a small lie for some reason 🙂
      Thank you for your reply, do visit more often 😉


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