LastPass: Password Manager for Ubuntu

Today, I have revisited some of my old notes and saw some sensitive information stored in it. To my horror those were not encrypted which made me think back on all my security and privacy measures in this world full of chaotic hacking where personal data and sensitive information are the most important things right now. Continue reading

Installing JRE/JDK on Ubuntu

As a lot of articles and programs require to have Java installed, this article will guide you through the process of installing and managing different versions of Java Runtime Environment.  Continue reading

Skype installation on Ubuntu

Whether its interviews, business meetings or video chatting with your lovers, Skype is the preferred way to go.

Installation of skype is as easy as cakewalk, just run the below commands and you’re good to go. Continue reading

Search for an Ubuntu package

You can use this command to know if Ubuntu has a particular package packaged. If yes get to know the correct packagename you were trying to search for. Use Continue reading

uGet – Download Manager for Linux

Shifted from Windows? Missing Internet Download Manager?

Well, Linux has its own download manager which runs on Windows too. uGet is the IDM best suited on Linux. To install fire up your terminal and run: Continue reading

Install Steam: Yes, you can game on Ubuntu

Gamer? Dig games on Steam? Moved to Ubuntu?

Nice to have your acquaintance. So let’s get started, shall we? 😀

It’s as easy as shooting the below command on your terminal.

sudo apt-get install steam

Continue reading

How to uninstall a program on Ubuntu?

So you want to uninstall a program on Ubuntu? Or should I say you want to remove a package. Below command will help you do that.

sudo apt-get –purge autoremove <packagename>

<packagename> should be the name of your package, needless to say that package must be already installed on your system.

Example: sudo apt-get –purge autoremove ubuntu-restricted-extras

Note: autoremove also removes the dependencies that <packagename> depends on. So say I install package A, which depends on package B. Then I remove A, autoremove will remove B too. So if you want to keep B, just skip “autoremove” from the command.

Know version of a package

Have you wanted to know what version of a particular package/software have you got installed on your Ubuntu? Or while upgrading wanted to compare the version of the package you already have? Or just want to check on the versions of any package before installing them? If you yes to any of the questions then use the below command in the terminal to satisfy your needs. Continue reading

Dual boot: Unable to mount a NTFS partition on linux fix

I have dual booted Windows 10 with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I have my D:\ partition for all my data which I want to access from both Windows and Ubuntu environment. However, whenever I boot Ubuntu, I get a message that it cannot mount my windows data partition (D:\), and I can choose to either wait, skip or manually mount. Continue reading

Enable minimization of apps by clicking on their icons again

Did you get irritated having to click the minimize ‘-‘ button to minimize every window in Unity desktop for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS? Have you wondered, Can I use the Unity launcher icon to minimize applications/windows? Continue reading