Galactic Post

If there is an object, you can make a Star Wars copy of it.

From books to television series, from toys to computer and video games, from coffee mugs to key-rings, from collectibles to clothing, from Gmail to Chrome extension the series has spawned an extensive media franchise. You get to chose the light or the dark side of the Force almost for everything now. Star Wars charisma is everywhere. Its not without a reason that Star Wars holds a Guinness World Records title for the “Most successful film merchandising franchise.”

Add to this the insanely assembled HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook, hp-star-wars-laptop-05with its battle worn design and rigged with the dark side characters of the Force, Darth Vader and the Storm troopers, definitely is a first in the Star Wars merch universe and a must have for any Star Wars fanatic. A line of Aurebesh writing is engraved along the hinge of the laptop, spelling out “Galactic Empire” in the language of the Star Wars galaxy. The mouse-pad’s plastic surface is imprinted with an X-Wing’s targeting computer view of the Death Star trench from Episode IV – A New Hope, which may be the only non-Empire touch on this otherwise Dark-Side-dominated laptop. hp_star_wars_15-an050nr_laptopThe backlit keyboard is my favourite element of this laptop having an ominous red glow ignition behind every key. Besides the Star Wars graphics and skin covering the shell of the laptop, the system comes with a healthy collection of digital extras for fans, including Windows background images and system sounds from droids all over the galaxy including the sweet R2-D2, galleries of Star Wars art, including behind-the-scenes photos and storyboards, as well as trailers, book excerpts, concept art, screen savers and a digital version of the 1977 first issue of Marvel Comics’ “Star Wars” adaptation from the Star Wars archives, all easily accessible through the standalone app Star Wars Command Center created on the desktop screen. Imagine setting up those rare high quality pictures as the background image and hearing the notifications chime in your favourite droid’s voice.

Everyone is giddy up and excited for the release of another Star Wars movie after a decade, revealing their fun side to celebrate this milestone, Facebook rolled out a new filter that lets you add a lightsaber to your profile picture, Sphero created the fun BB-8 toy, Millennium Falcon came up with speakers, beds and drones, Star Wars themed Ubers, 9421e6b1106919500d93ebfe3369ecdd

Japan aircrafts, ana-star-wars-family-1500x844someone’s giving their doggy a haircut like Chewbacca,vllkyt6ofmq0e4qgu-8a2cfca2

some people are doing the booty Storm Troopers dance, stormtroopers

while my girlfriend gifts me this cool tshirt on the lazy Christmas morning while I was slothful telling me, #AwakenYourForce. 😛vllkyt2g92q606vr1-fd97153f

I am a Computer Science grad and getting the HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook, I will be extremely delighted and sport it by playing PC Games as well as will use it to program my own Arduino Sound follower robot which also responds by uttering words in R2-D2’s voice (Thanks to the sound clips present in the Command Center). How cool would be that? 🙂


^Song of the day: “Star Wars Theme” by John Williams.

^Go to and book your HP notebook now.

^Until next post, awaken your force! 😉


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